Human Hybernation

Today I saw the movie Interstellar which was incredible by the way if you haven’t seen it and in the movie they send human to explore other planets suitable for human life. In the movie the astronauts must make a two year journey to multiple planets but since time is all relative two years in space could equal fifty years on earth. If that doesn’t make sense to you read my article about time travel and time dilation. So in order for the astronauts to live long enough to make the journey they must go into a sort of hibernation where they will sleep for the entirety of the time, but is this a real thing?

hib 2

First off, to make things clear this is hibernation like what bears do in the winter, not freezing people and then thawing them out whenever we like.

Second, a coma-like sleep state could be the answer to many space travel problems. According to, astronauts would “sleep” in a capsule in which a computer would monitor their health and feed them through tubes. Since the astronauts would be sleeping the ship would not need artificial gravity or excersize equipment to keep the crew from experiencing muscle loss from the lack of gravity.

Although not yet possible the European Space Agency (ESA) has been conducting experiment to see if this science fiction could ever become reality. But hibernation can not be used during any old space mission. A mission using human hibernation would need to be more than a 3 year journey.

NASA’s Human Outer Planet Exploration campaign or HOPE might fit that description. By the year 2045 NASA hopes to send a ship manned with six humans to explore the surface of Jupiter’s moon. The spokeswoman from NASA says that they have not conducted any research related to space hibernation yet. Darn.

Maybe one day this will be possible and human will be able to effortlessly fly through the solar system. But until then I’ll just stick to taking my 30 minute power naps and watching Interstellar on repeat.


And To Think You Put This On Your Face

Women love makeup, it makes us feel pretty. So naturally we just assume that make up is also made of the things that are well, pretty. But ohhhhhh no are we wrong on that one..


A bold red lip is a timeless look but what exactly are we smearing onto our lips that makes us look so “vavavoom”?

The Cochineal Beetle is a parasitic bug that lives in South America. The female beetle eats the red cactus berry which give the beetle a rosy red color. When that beetle is crushed a deep red dye is produced. That is the red dye used in most cosmetics and food colorings. Ewwww.


This one has multiple gross factors… yay. Both men and women love moisturizers because they keep us looking young and our skin refreshed but if we actually knew what went into our beloved creams we might rethink our decisions.

“Snail Ooze” is exactly what it sounds like, that slime that covers snails. It is high in glycolic acid which protects the snail from cuts and bacteria . On humans however, it shields our skin from harmful UV rays and makes our skin more elastic and youthful looking. So go on slather your face with snails, you’ll love the results.


Perfume and cologne is essential and we don’t mind paying top dollar for it. But if you want to save a few bucks by avoiding the department store counters and going straight to the source you’ll find yourself at the south end of a sperm whale. Ambergris a component of whale feces in found in most expensive perfumes. Just one pound of this smelly stuff can cost up to $10,000! Yikes! I think I’ll stick to store bought.

The Science of Zombies

As I sit here and indulge in a wonderful Saturday of The Walking Dead marathon and PJ’s, I wonder about the possibility of this ever actually happening. With zombies taking over our entertainment world with movies, tv shows and even events like the zombie crawl 5K race, there must be a real fear of these brain dead peeps.


So I decided to do my homework on the undead and see what all the fuss is about.

Turns out zombies are a real thing. According the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency (yes that is a real thing) zombism is cause by the Human Zombism Virus or HZV. This disease can be carried by brown rats or hard-shelled ticks and has similar effects to those in the movies.

The first phase of the process occurs when the victim is infected. This can occur through a bite or contact with an open wound. Once infected the victim can experience:

  • Headache
  • Extreme Thirst
  • Sever fever
  • itching
  • Elevated heart rate and metabolism

In the second phase of the change process the victim will slip into a coma lasting approximately 4-6 hours. During this coma the victim will go into cardiac arrest and die.

The final stage is the most terrifying. In this stage the body reawakens in a catatonic state.

Although this information is very informative perhaps the world’s zombie apocalypse  will come from a different source. We all remember the infamous “bath salts” case where a homeless man smoked or inhaled bath salts as a way of getting high. Instead of a high the man became so feverish that he took off all his clothes and then attacked a man and began eating his face

For me, the fear is real. I will admit to an irrational fear of zombies. But with as much speculation as we have today I am confident that if THAT day ever comes the world will be ready. But just in case you might want to read this book.


All You Could Ever Want To Know About Anacondas

As I’m sure everyone has seen and heard, right now its all about the Anaconda. The worlds largest snake that managed to slithered under the radar until recently thanks to Nicki Minaj. But what is it about the Anaconda that has us singing and dancing to its name?

While Nicki Minaj did a great job of bringing this massive beast to the forefront of the media she did fail to inform the public about the wonders of a reptile that can weight over 500 pounds. So let me help fill you in on some of the things Miss Minaj forgot to tell you besides the fact that Anacondas “don’t want none unless you got buns hon'”.


The green anaconda can be found in South America in swamps, marshes and slow-moving streams. These reptiles are completely adapted to aquatic life and can most likely be found swimming through marsh lands.


These snakes belong to the boa constrictor family meaning that they kill their pray by squeezing them until the animal suffocates. They use this tactic to kill deer, pig, caiman, capybara and just about anything that they can get they’re enormous bodies around. Once the Anaconda finds a large meal, like any of the choices listed above, they can go weeks and even months without eating again due to the long period of time it takes to digest such a feast.

lenght snake

Anacondas can grow over 30 feet in length and more that a foot around in diameter. With bodies this large, they do not move very fast on land but in the water they are swift and agile. The largest anaconda ever reported was said to be roughly 43 feet long and over 2,000 pounds! Unlike most cold-blooded reptiles, Anacondas give birth to live you and can produce anywhere from 20 to 30 babies at time. Most likely related to all the buzz about Nicki Minaj’s newest hit, the Discovery channel has set out to get a piece of the action too. On Sunday November,16th they plan on airing a special where a very brave man will dare to be swallowed whole by a live anaconda. The man will be wearing a special suit to prevent the anaconda from crushing him and claims that the snake will not be hurt but only time will tell but I am definitely tuning in.

College Humor also did a nice rendition of Nicki’s popular song that could answer anything you could ever want to know about the snake in question and they even do it to the catchy beat!

American Horror Story: Factual Freaks

American Horror Story, one of the most popular series in television at the moment, is into it’s 4th and creepiest season. This time around the cast is the placed in the midst of a run-down circus show.  The actors from previous seasons such as Jessica Lang, and Evan Peters are casted as persons with interesting abilities and disabilities, some of which are based on real people which adds to the shock and awe factor of the show.

Nicodemus the Indescribable

nic indescro

If you are familiar with the show and have seen the title sequence you will notice that there are many animated “creatures” that inhabit the sideshow. One of them that can be seen hobbling through the tents is a man with an incredible disformity. This man has a norma sized torso and one normal arm. The remaining three limbs are shrunk and attached at the wrist and ankle rather than with the whole arm or leg. His name was Nicodemus and he was born 1863 with extreme difformities. He joined a freak show where he was known for being an amazing acrobat and incredibly strong despite his disabilities. He died sometime after 1908. The causes of death are unkown.

Lobster Boy


“Lobster Boy” can also be seen in the title sequence of the show but is also portrayed by Evan Peters as “Jimmy”. While Jimmy is a main character in the show, the plot does not reflect  many similarities to his actual life.  The Lobster Boy that you see in the title sequence is a animation of an actual picture of Grady Stiles Jr.. He was born with a condition called ectrodactyly, a disformity that is caused by genetics that results in fused fingers and toes.

Three-Legged “Freak”


Once again this oddity can be seen as an animated version in the title sequence of AHS. Although this one seems like a made-up character implemented by a creative team to scares and disgust the audience, this is 100% real. Within the sequence you see a naked human ( hard to tell gender ) with three legs and the middle leg appears to be more like male genitals. It took me a few times to see this before I really realized what I was looking at. This malformity belongs to Blanche Dumas, a woman born in the Caribean Islands in the early 1800’s. Yes, she really did have a third leg AND both sets of male and female genitalia. Dumas moved to Paris where she became a prositute.

There are plenty of other oddities seen both in the show and the title sequence. As unreal as the majority of them may see all of the characters are based off real people. And if you haven’t seen the show, here’s the title sequence and I would highly recommend watching it if you can bare it.

Five Finger But 15 Toes: Medical Miracle

Alright so here’s a wild medical story…

According to the Metro, an online news source, a man in central-south China named Xiao Wei accidentally severed his hand in an industrial accident. Severed limbs and extremities are tough to reattach especially when there are so many tendons and bones that need to match up with those in the damaged arm. Doctors were optimistic that they could be successful reattaching Wei’s hand but not right after the accident happened. Wei’s doctors decided to attach the hand to his ankle in order to keep the hand from dying before going into surgery. The hands remained on the mans ankle for a whole month before they were able to connect it to this arm and wrist. Crazy!


Animals Aren’t Always As Innocent As They Seem

Usually when people see an animal no matter what it is their first reaction is “awwww” but behind their cute, adorable facades their can be something more sinister. Muahaha.


images (1)

A margay is a small cat that lives in the trees. They make look cute but oh no this sneaky actors of the jungle hide and make noises similar to those of a baby monkey in distress. Then when a monkey comes along to see what all the commotion is about the margay pounces and eat the monkey.


images (2)

Chimps are practically our cousins but even they can commit crimes that would be deemed vicious in the human world. Some chimps will steal a females baby and tear it limb by limb right in front of its mother.On some occasions the criminal chimps will even eat the babies lifeless body while the mother watches.



We all love penguins and their cute little tuxedos but there is something not so cuddly about these little guys. Male penguins have been documented abusing their chicks sexually and physically. George Levick, a scientist studied penguins in the 1930’s, couldn’t even publish some of the dirty, dirty, sexual things that the penguins were doing to each other. Naughty naughty.