The Science of Zombies

As I sit here and indulge in a wonderful Saturday of The Walking Dead marathon and PJ’s, I wonder about the possibility of this ever actually happening. With zombies taking over our entertainment world with movies, tv shows and even events like the zombie crawl 5K race, there must be a real fear of these brain dead peeps.


So I decided to do my homework on the undead and see what all the fuss is about.

Turns out zombies are a real thing. According the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency (yes that is a real thing) zombism is cause by the Human Zombism Virus or HZV. This disease can be carried by brown rats or hard-shelled ticks and has similar effects to those in the movies.

The first phase of the process occurs when the victim is infected. This can occur through a bite or contact with an open wound. Once infected the victim can experience:

  • Headache
  • Extreme Thirst
  • Sever fever
  • itching
  • Elevated heart rate and metabolism

In the second phase of the change process the victim will slip into a coma lasting approximately 4-6 hours. During this coma the victim will go into cardiac arrest and die.

The final stage is the most terrifying. In this stage the body reawakens in a catatonic state.

Although this information is very informative perhaps the world’s zombie apocalypse ¬†will come from a different source. We all remember the infamous “bath salts” case where a homeless man smoked or inhaled bath salts as a way of getting high. Instead of a high the man became so feverish that he took off all his clothes and then attacked a man and began eating his face

For me, the fear is real. I will admit to an irrational fear of zombies. But with as much speculation as we have today I am confident that if THAT day ever comes the world will be ready. But just in case you might want to read this book.



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