And To Think You Put This On Your Face

Women love makeup, it makes us feel pretty. So naturally we just assume that make up is also made of the things that are well, pretty. But ohhhhhh no are we wrong on that one..


A bold red lip is a timeless look but what exactly are we smearing onto our lips that makes us look so “vavavoom”?

The Cochineal Beetle is a parasitic bug that lives in South America. The female beetle eats the red cactus berry which give the beetle a rosy red color. When that beetle is crushed a deep red dye is produced. That is the red dye used in most cosmetics and food colorings. Ewwww.


This one has multiple gross factors… yay. Both men and women love moisturizers because they keep us looking young and our skin refreshed but if we actually knew what went into our beloved creams we might rethink our decisions.

“Snail Ooze” is exactly what it sounds like, that slime that covers snails. It is high in glycolic acid which protects the snail from cuts and bacteria . On humans however, it shields our skin from harmful UV rays and makes our skin more elastic and youthful looking. So go on slather your face with snails, you’ll love the results.


Perfume and cologne is essential and we don’t mind paying top dollar for it. But if you want to save a few bucks by avoiding the department store counters and going straight to the source you’ll find yourself at the south end of a sperm whale. Ambergris a component of whale feces in found in most expensive perfumes. Just one pound of this smelly stuff can cost up to $10,000! Yikes! I think I’ll stick to store bought.


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