All You Could Ever Want To Know About Anacondas

As I’m sure everyone has seen and heard, right now its all about the Anaconda. The worlds largest snake that managed to slithered under the radar until recently thanks to Nicki Minaj. But what is it about the Anaconda that has us singing and dancing to its name?

While Nicki Minaj did a great job of bringing this massive beast to the forefront of the media she did fail to inform the public about the wonders of a reptile that can weight over 500 pounds. So let me help fill you in on some of the things Miss Minaj forgot to tell you besides the fact that Anacondas “don’t want none unless you got buns hon'”.


The green anaconda can be found in South America in swamps, marshes and slow-moving streams. These reptiles are completely adapted to aquatic life and can most likely be found swimming through marsh lands.


These snakes belong to the boa constrictor family meaning that they kill their pray by squeezing them until the animal suffocates. They use this tactic to kill deer, pig, caiman, capybara and just about anything that they can get they’re enormous bodies around. Once the Anaconda finds a large meal, like any of the choices listed above, they can go weeks and even months without eating again due to the long period of time it takes to digest such a feast.

lenght snake

Anacondas can grow over 30 feet in length and more that a foot around in diameter. With bodies this large, they do not move very fast on land but in the water they are swift and agile. The largest anaconda ever reported was said to be roughly 43 feet long and over 2,000 pounds! Unlike most cold-blooded reptiles, Anacondas give birth to live you and can produce anywhere from 20 to 30 babies at time. Most likely related to all the buzz about Nicki Minaj’s newest hit, the Discovery channel has set out to get a piece of the action too. On Sunday November,16th they plan on airing a special where a very brave man will dare to be swallowed whole by a live anaconda. The man will be wearing a special suit to prevent the anaconda from crushing him and claims that the snake will not be hurt but only time will tell but I am definitely tuning in.

College Humor also did a nice rendition of Nicki’s popular song that could answer anything you could ever want to know about the snake in question and they even do it to the catchy beat!


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