Animals Aren’t Always As Innocent As They Seem

Usually when people see an animal no matter what it is their first reaction is “awwww” but behind their cute, adorable facades their can be something more sinister. Muahaha.


images (1)

A margay is a small cat that lives in the trees. They make look cute but oh no this sneaky actors of the jungle hide and make noises similar to those of a baby monkey in distress. Then when a monkey comes along to see what all the commotion is about the margay pounces and eat the monkey.


images (2)

Chimps are practically our cousins but even they can commit crimes that would be deemed vicious in the human world. Some chimps will steal a females baby and tear it limb by limb right in front of its mother.On some occasions the criminal chimps will even eat the babies lifeless body while the mother watches.



We all love penguins and their cute little tuxedos but there is something not so cuddly about these little guys. Male penguins have been documented abusing their chicks sexually and physically. George Levick, a scientist studied penguins in the 1930’s, couldn’t even publish some of the dirty, dirty, sexual things that the penguins were doing to each other. Naughty naughty.


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